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The Divine Tote Bag

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The tote bag gives you a more room, for that quick trip to the supermarket, gym or that walk of shame. No judgement.

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These are some of the most valuable tools that have helped me along the way in both my private and professional life. I love and use each product authentically and this is my invitation to you.

All of the links below are affiliate links, and the majority of them have a discount code for you to use. If you purchase using one of the links below - you are supporting me in sharing my wellness journey, and for that I am genuinely grateful!

You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

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​The Singing Straw™ is the perfect item for singers searching for an exercise tool that is proven to help build a healthier, stronger, and more balanced voice.

Use Code ‘CATHA’ for 10% off

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For the best skin & energy

Australian Owned. 

I drink my weight in collagen every day and my skin GLOWS. 

I've been using SWIISH products for two years and swear by them. I combine the GLOW collagen powder, Supergreen Superfood and Fibre powder everyday to make sure I stay energised, my skin stays plump and my gut is happy which, in turn, keeps my brain happy.

Use code 'CATH15' for 15% off the range.

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The Singing Straw™ PRO is the perfect vocal tool for singers searching for a more nuanced and powerful straw phonation. Available in a Black or Rose Gold finish.

Use Code 'CATHA' for 10% off

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Australian Made. Vegan. Reef Proof.

Naked Sundays is a revelation in sunscreen application.

I wear SPF50+ on my face and hands ever day, but I do have the odd morning when I completely forget. Hello...busy Mum here!

Enter the Naked Sundays SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist. Do your face, spray it on and GLOW all day long!

USE CODE ‘CATHERINE15’ for 15% off entire range.

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